Elevating the human experience in hospitality

Elevating the human experience in hospitality

In this webinar we will discuss why the experiential values of hospitality must shift from Customer to Human.



  • Edmond BAKOS – Partner & CEO, Champalimaud Design
  • Charles ZANA – Architect
  • Chadi CHEMALY – Hotel Manager, Raffles Hotel Singapore
  • Isabelle MIAJA – Managing & Creative Director, Miaja Design
  • Gwendoline THEODET – Regional Director of Business Development, Wilson Associates
  • Sam BARON – Artistic Director, Pierre Frey Furniture
  • Patricia BEAUSOLEIL – Head of Home, Environments & Design, Peclers

A « Recevoir à la Française » programme

L’Ameublement Français and Le FRENCH DESIGN by VIA are organising a series of events to promote business exchanges and inspiration.

The art of French-style hospitality is a way of designing reception areas and bringing a place to life. It is also a way to value the pleasure of living, conviviality and all the feelings that France knows how to share.


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