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Advantages Acoustic sheers


Stretching from floor to ceiling

Lightweight and extremely strong

These productivity- and wellbeing-focused solutions reduce echo time, absorb sound and improve comprehension, making them ideal for offices, conference rooms, hotel lobbies and multifunctional spaces.

Equally ideal for interiors rich in sound-reflective surfaces – concrete, glass and marble, for instance – Vescom’s acoustic materials soften both reverberation and the space itself.

Made from polyester FR to meet the strictest global standards for public buildings, Vescom’s transparent acoustic curtain fabrics provide five times more sound absorption than standard sheer curtain fabrics.

This is thanks to the porosity of the fabrics, as well as the special weaving and yarn technology used in their production.

Different levels of sheen are produced by the special yarn, and varying degrees of translucency are available within the collection. Despite their strength and superior acoustic performance, these high-quality curtain fabrics are extremely lightweight.

Unlike heavy, cumbersome fabrics, Vescom’s acoustic sheers offer all the advantages of a sound-absorbing material while maintaining visual connections within an interior.



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