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Advantages Acoustic stretch ceiling

Minimum operating loss for your business

Exceptional noise insulation and quick to install

Design and technical solution with many advantages

Acoustic stretch ceilings are an ideal and easy-to-implement solution for correcting the sound level of the premises in which they are installed.

The micro-perforated PVC membrane, stretched under the effect of heat, lets the sound pass through and attenuates it by absorbing it.

Suitable for humid environments, in restaurants, hotels or private homes, stretch ceilings offer both design and technical features that allow you to add simple and effective value without loss of use due to work. In fact, a stretch ceiling, whether acoustic or not, can be installed in a few hours without causing dirt.


  • 100% recyclable microperforated PVC film
  • up to 300,000 holes per m²
  • Absorption coefficient (αw) up to 1
  • Fast and dirt-free installation
  • Suitable for all environments

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