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Advantages Agrid-Link

Good results

Quick installation

without affecting your comfort

Agrid comes to you with an innovative solution allowing you to automate the management of your heating and air conditioning systems while monitoring your energy consumption.

Thanks to our artificial intelligence, your devices will be managed automatically in order to optimize their settings and improve their performance. You will be able to access your consumption data in real time and benefit from effective prevention thanks to relevant alerts.

Agrid allows you to save up to 25% on your annual energy expenditure with visible effects from the first month, without affecting your comfort. Thanks to our subscription system, you can benefit from clear and concise invoicing, without additional costs or initial investment.

Agrid is part of an ecological approach and wishes to actively participate in the green transition by offering companies the cutting edge of digital technology.

Our solution can be installed in less than an hour, with no downtime and no added sensors. Our customer service is at your disposal to support you on a daily basis towards energy sobriety.


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