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Advantages Maximum Fiandre Extralite

Made in Italy

High technological content and forward-looking vision

High performance qualities: strength, lightweight, flexibility and ductility

Maximum is a material that combines the established, classical characteristics that have always set Fiandre’s porcelain stoneware tiles as being top of the range, with new very high performance qualities : strength, lightweight, flexibility and ductility.

Maximum combines maximum design freedom with great flexibility. On one hand the maxi-slab dramatically reduces the number of interruptions in the design unit and, on the other, the wide range of submultiples offered guarantees great versatility for all requirements.

Maximum aims to offer a new architectural concept that goes beyond that of an individual slab. It enables designers to reinvent design criteria, giving them maximum freedom and minimal restrictions. The weight of the individual slab is also a further advantage for the interior paving of yachts just as the consequent ductility of the material can be exploited in curved buildings. Maximum stays “Maxi” also for ventilated facades: indeed the morphological features of the slabs allow wall applications that benefit from its lightweight design and size and allow to fit a tailor-made paneling on any building.

Fiandre®, always devoted to improve the lives of their customers, introducing ever more performing products of excellent quality, is now proud to present AQUA MAXIMUM, a complete system of washbasins and shower trays that can be customised with all products made with MAXIMUM FIANDRE EXTRALITE® technology. Fiandre® also cares for the environment: the reduced thickness (6 mm) allow 2 to 3 times less raw material to be used compared to quarry materials, as well as lower energy consumption during production.


Materials : Porcelain stoneware


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