hotellerie restauration

Advantages Atelier

The wallcovering is breathable, strong and resistant

European fire rating of B, S1-D0

Ecological certificate

Destined for luxury interiors, turning every wall into a wondrous work of art, the atelier collection provides our homes with the perfect wallcovering for giving voice to our creativity.

Together they burst into this eclectic collection of couture and contemporary wallcoverings.

This collection reflects our fervent desire for a creative renaissance in this increasingly digital world.

A fascinating creative journey that reinterprets the legacy of handcraft passed between generations of artisans.

We are taking natural products on the wall a step further.

A raffia patchwork : the raffia fibre is harvested, dried, hand-knotted into continuous yarns, dyed and handwoven into a stripe. Afterwards it is cut and hand laid to form this magnificent design.

A modern rendition of an Ikat stripe, digitally printed on linen yarns.

A heavy tweedlike weave to put on your wall in an alternation of black and white or rainbow.


  • AT2. is banana stem fibre on non-woven
  • AT3. is a heavy weave with handspun yarns on non-woven
  • AT4. is recycled siks and paper strings on non-woven
  • AT5. is chunky textile yarns on non-woven
  • AT6. is indian sari silk & abaca on non-woven
  • AT7. is a patchwork of handwoven raffia on non-woven
  • AT8. is artisanal paper – paper strings on non-woven
  • AT9. is printed linen on non-woven

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