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Advantages Automatic Pizza Dispenser - Container D

An online sales system via a personalized mobile application + Remote control of vending

Reliable, autonomous and secure automatic points of sale, customized for each brand

A remote assistance service available 7 days a week

ADIAL offers you a container vending machine with a design front. A customizable sales area, with a very modern front designed in thick sheet metal with epoxy paint.The customization of the frontage and the 100% touch interface (32 inches) offers an intuitive use and allows to reinforce your image and your notoriety near the consumers.

Indeed, you can communicate on your establishment by easily integrating slideshows and video clips broadcasted on the screen during the waiting periods. Our distributors are certified « Origine France Garantie »!

  • Offer new services to consumers
  • Grow faster than your competitors,
  • Reduce your waiting time at the pizzeria,
  • Serve your customers outside of your schedule : 24h/24 et 7 /7,
  • Increase your turnover
  • Expand your catchment area by serving more communities! »


  • Number of places and choices : 70 pizzas
  • Dimension on the ground : 2,15m x 2,15m
  • Dimension with the decoration on top : 3,45m x 2,15m
  • Overall height : 3,35m
  • Canopy to shelter the consumers
  • Average power consumption : 1 kW/h
  • Maximum power consumption : 3800 Watt (Single or three phase + neutral)
  • Electric forced air oven – adjustable temperature + 3 levels of protection

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