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Advantages Bathrooms of the BAUDET STANDING range

Better efficiency, more simplicity

Cost reductions


BAUDET STANDING bathroom range

The BAUDET STANDING range of bathrooms is dedicated to the hotel market. Many companies have trusted BAUDET to design and implement their bathrooms!

The hotel bathroom par excellence !

The BAUDET “ready-to-install” bathroom concept guarantees quick and easy on-site installation. The choice of off-site industrialization is a natural choice when cost, time and quality control are required.

When a large number of bathrooms are needed quickly, for a single establishment or for a hotel chain, the BAUDET STANDING range is the ideal choice.

The choice of the prefabricated solution guarantees to the hotel owner and to the contractor a 30% time saving in the construction of a hotel room as well as an irreproachable quality entirely controlled in the production plant.

Many companies have chosen BAUDET for the design and implementation of their bathrooms. The company accompanies them from the choice of the bathroom, its options and finishes to its installation.

The advantages of BAUDET bathrooms

BAUDET responds perfectly to the demands of the market, which requires offering increasingly fast and economical solutions.

When you say BAUDET, you say :

  • Time saving
  • Quality
  • Better efficiency, more simplicity
  • Responsible and clean construction site
  • Cost reductions
  • Safety

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