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Advantages Be-Eco Bed linen



Natural Whiteness

BE-ECO is an ecological bed linen whose production saves 60% water during the finishing step and requires 50% less fluorescent chemical agents than standard linen.

The BE’ECO ecological linen is the result of long research. It has been designed to respond both to eco-responsible issues and to the constraints of use and maintenance linked to intensive usage. It is therefore perfectly suited for the hotel and community sectors, but also for linen rental companies and launderers.



  • Composition: Cotton 50% – Polyester 50%
  • Colours: White
  • Patterns: Without pattern


  • Flat sheet 175 to 270x320cm, 130g/m²
  • Duvet cover 155 to 305×260 to 280cm, 130g/m²
  • Bag pillowcases 50×87.5cm, 130g/m²
  • Pillowcases wallet bag 50x75cm, 130g/m²
  • Pillowcases wallet bag 65x65cm, 130g/m²
  • Piqué ruffled wrap pillowcase 50x75cm, 130g/m²
  • Piqué ruffled wrap pillowcase 65x65cm, 130g/m²

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