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When an infestation is detected, bed bug treatment is then essential and must be carried out as quickly as possible. In collaboration with an expert company in bedbugs treatment, we offer a complete protocol for the preparation of rooms, to be scrupulously implemented by your teams to get rid of bedbugs.

After an accurate infestation, we choose and combine the types of treatment to be carried out as part of a well-defined control strategy, depending on the proliferation of bed bugs and the configuration of your establishment.

The types of treatment that may be offered to you:

Chemical treatment: the infestation is treated with authorized and approved biocidal products.

Non-chemical heat treatment: we then use a professional steam generator heating up to 180°C

Non-chemical cold treatment : different techniques can be put in place to treat bedbugs by cold, cryogenization, freezing, deep freezing, etc.


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