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Advantages BIO 120

Ideal for creating intimate spaces

Satisfy all your desires for modularity

Available in 350 colours, both for the structure and the slats

The BIO 120 bioclimatic patio cover: experiment with colours and imagine a new way of living. Modular with a scope of up to 5.5 m, it is ideal for creating intimate spaces at the heart of your garden (standalone installation) or to cover your patio (installation against a wall). Owing to its swivelling slats up to 175°, it accurately follows the curve of the sun, offering you Biossun optimal natural ventilation.No need to worry about the weather while you enjoy an optimally-ventilated patio


This is the essence of the Biossun bioclimatic patio cover

With a scope of up to 5.5 m, the BIO 120 pergola creates a private, intimate space. Immerse yourself in a comforting cocoon in your garden or on your patio, spending special times with family and friends, protected from the elements and the weather.

MODULAR INSTALLATION : Standalone or against a wall

The BIO 120 patio cover can be installed in two different ways: in the middle of your garden for added privacy, or against a wall to shelter your patio and add a designer feel to your home.

ESSENTIAL OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES : Essential accessories, colours and finishes

The BIO 120 pergola is available in 350 colours, both for the structure and the slats. The white or 8-colour RGB LED lighting is now built in to the structure, offering you the possibility of choosing the lighting atmosphere that suits you best to ensure even more enjoyable and convivial evenings under your Biossun bioclimatic pergola. The vertical-descent Zipsun® screens, with sliding glass door, also satisfy all your desires for modularity.


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