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Advantages BODUM COFFEE - Guatemala

A light citric acidity

Fairtrade and certified organic

Fully washed and sun-dried at source

About Guatemala Coffee

With its nutrient-rich volcanic soil and mild subtropical climate, GUATEMALA is among the world’s top coffee producers, with each of its coffee-growing regions offering distinct character and flavour profiles. We sourced this single origin coffee from the region of Huehuetenango, one of only three non-volcanic regions in the country, renowned as one of the best for coffee cultivation thanks to its high, dry environment.

We love the hard work and passion of our partners, Cocolense Cooperative, part of the Federación de Cooperativas Agrícolas de Productores de Café de Guatemala (Fedecocagua), an association that works with 20,000 small coffee growers in the region offering educational and financial support, as well as fair prices. Fairtrade and certified organic, this coffee is a delight. Fully washed and sun-dried at source, it’s an excellent all-rounder with a sweet, balanced profile, dark chocolate and nutty notes, and a lively citrus acidity.


  • Type : Whole beans.
  • Region : Cocolá Grande, Huehuetenango.
  • Process : Washed.
  • Altitude : 780–1500 m.a.s.l.
  • Varietal : Typica, Boubon, Catuaí, Pache, Caturra.

Tasting notes :

  • A smooth, balanced cup with notes of dark chocolate and nuts, and a light citric acidity.

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