hotellerie restauration

Advantages Bois Urbain

Perfect for floor installation

They can also be used for walls

Suitable for public and residential settings

The contemporary lifestyle leads us to experience an increasing separation of the natural and urban spaces: the woods symbolise uncontaminated, unspoilt nature, in contrast to the city, the space of man par excellence.

The intent of the BOIS URBAIN collection is to recreate the magic of natural settings within urban space; the knots and veins of wood, captivating imperfections, become a source of inspiration for these eco-friendly porcelain stoneware surfaces.

Fiandre reinterprets the allure of the living material, selecting four different shades inspired by the fragrances and colours of the wood: Blanche, Miel, Noisette and Terre.

Made in a thickness of 11 mm, these surfaces are suitable for public and residential settings; perfect for floor installation, they can also be used for walls, as a decorative element for partitions and fireplaces or to create elegant panelling.


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