hotellerie restauration

Advantages BONSOIR

Wireless lamps

Made in France

Inductive charging (wireless charding)

This lamp includes an indirect warm white lighting which allows maximum comfort and intimacy to your guests.

The inductive charging brings robustness (no connector or breakage) and makes the lampe easy to use on a daily basis : I put the lamp on its charging device,  it charges !

The foot is made of aluminium with powder coating or anodization threatment (various colors).

The recharging module is either a base of 5 slots, or a designed trolley, which can carry 30 lamps between terraces and sheds, also it includes the wireless inductive charging, and eases the storage.


  • Height : 30 or 35 cm
  • Aluminum foot
  • Prestige anodizing or powder coating
  • Long life LifePO4 batteries > 2000 cycles
  • Induction charging
  • Optional 5X charging base
  • Trolley for transport, charging and storage of 30 lamps

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