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Advantages Canapé YOMI EKO


Recyclable et biodégradable

Introduce a resolutely trendy and design note

With this transparent model, naturalness comes into this YOMI armchair and will extend the plant landscape of your garden, inside it will introduce a resolutely trendy and design note.

Transparent models have the particularity of letting the sun’s rays pass through, so you don’t burn your buttocks when exposed to direct sunlight!

(however, it is recommended to prefer a shaded corner for smoky black).

Nouvelle matière hyper résistante, recyclable et biodégradable, inodore et ne contenant pas de chlore.


  • Weight : 14.3 kgs
  • Maximum weight allowed : 300kg
  • Height : 69,5
  • Length : 151
  • Depth : 76,5
  • Materials : TPU UV protection and Aluminum

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