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Advantages Canine bed bug Inspection

Success rate of 98%

Fast and discreet intervention

Intervention throughout France

Because of the difficulty to control bed bugs spread in France, the phenomenon became mediatic, even the Ministry of Ecology has decided to take drastic measures.

Indeed, the presence of bed bugs, although not dangerous (it does not carry serious diseases), causes serious nuisance for the occupants of accommodation, and can be catastrophic for a tourism establishment.

Faced with this observation, Punaises Expert, which benefits from more than 30 years of experience in pest control, has chosen to develop its activity in the canine detection of bed bugs.

We are convinced that it is better to prefer prevention over action, that’s why we offer our customers a service based on regular visits, ensuring the establishment doesn’t show any signs of infestation, and above all allowing to act quickly at the slightest sign of the presence of bed bugs.

Our expertise is based on canine bed bug detection: our sniffer dogs detect the chemical compounds of alive bed bugs and thus signal their presence surgically. The dog-handler pair therefore inspects the suspected areas to confirm or remove any doubt about the infestation. We use our dogs’ nose upstream of an infestation, to locate any infested areas, and downstream, to ensure bed bug treatment has been successful.

Punaises Expert operates throughout France.


Benefits of canine bed bug detection:

  • Accurate and reliable detection: the success rate of visual detection barely reaches 35%, our dogs reach 98%!
  • Extremely precise localization: our dogs mark all the infested areas, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • A fast and discreet intervention: during a detection, it takes on average one hour of presence, our dogs can inspect a hotel of 50 rooms in 8 hours.
  • An economical solution: carrying out a precise mapping of the areas to be treated ensures a considerable return on investment. Treatments are done only on rooms that need to be treated !
  • An ecological result: marking our dogs allows us to significantly reduce the amount of insecticides to be used.


From 24€ / room


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