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Advantages Chloë Software

A simple and complete business management software

Chloë meets all your needs

Certified hotel software

The CHLOË software, designed by Sphère Informatique, a professional management software editor, will always have a module to meet your needs, whatever the services you offer!

A complete, robust and easy to use solution !

Whatever your activity or if you combine several activities, the CHLOË software will certainly meet your needs. Moreover, in the 2nd case, you will be able to manage your multiple activities on a single database.

  •  For hotels : CHLOË will be the ideal Hotel, Lodging and Services management software, a complete, robust, efficient, flexible and easy to use solution. All you need to do is set a set of parameters for you and with you, so that the solution adapts to your organization and your management mode.
  •  For restaurants : CHLOË uses a central relational database and offers you the freedom to work, in touch mode or not, on PC, POS or tablets.
  •  For bars and other points of sale : The Bar module can be used with the greatest benefit for the management of any other “point of sale” activity whatever the products sold.

But the biggest advantage of CHLOË is that it is an evolutionary solution, thanks to a monitoring service and an undeniable presence at trade fairs, allowing to follow closely the market evolution and to put all this expertise in the choice of development axes for new versions.


  • Hotel Solution,
  • Restaurant Solution,
  • Seminars and other hourly rentals (spa, massages, bike, soccer room…),
  • Bars and other points of sale.

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