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Advantages The Collection Emerge - Artepy

A collection that will last a long time

Fire resistance : Bfl-s1

Easy to maintain

The Emerge Collection, strips & tiles, was created by Artepy – Bolon, the world leader in woven vinyl flooring. Bolon flooring is designed for high traffic public environments.

Colors that blend subtly with their environment

Artepy – Bolon drew on its expertise to create Emerge, a collection that comes to life and will last a long time. Woven yarns in warm and cool tones and subtle color layers leave room for the inevitable changes in light and shadow.

The Emerge collection offers several colors :

  • Arise : The sunniest new neutral color in the collection.
  • Billow : Shifting shades of green ripple like grass in the wind.
  • Drift : Driftwood traveling on a river in shimmering brown tones.
  • Ripple : A new neutral color in constant motion.
  • Sway : This new neutral color complements natural materials with rich tones of infinite transformation.
  • Swirl : This new neutral color is highlighted with shimmering contrasts of bright and warm highlights.

These colors were developed to complement the materials most used by architects, with their ever-changing textures, offering an experience unlike any other.


  • Classification : 32 and 33.
  • Anti-slip : R9 / R10.
  • UPEC classification : U3sP3 and U3P2.
  • Fire resistance : Bfl-s1.
  • Available in strips, tiles and Bolon Studio cut-outs.
  • 10 to 15 years warranty.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Non-porous and therefore stain-resistant.
  • Thermo-welded weave.
  • Washable and leachable.
  • Waterproof and rot-proof.

Materials : Woven vinyl


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