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Advantages Mattress and pillow protectors collection

Waterproof or not

Hygienic and easy to clean

A wide choice of dimensions

Our collections of mattress protectors and pillows offer a wide choice of finishes, dimensions, weight to meet all your requirements.

Our cover shapes for mattress protectors are adaptable for mattresses ranging from 18 to 37 cm thick. We also propose a finishing form tray to avoid the headache of the thickness of the mattress.

Our collections have several weights ranging from 130 g/m² to 230 g/m² to satisfy all budgets and all comforts.

Two uses are offered: Waterproof thanks to the polyurethane coating and 100% cotton for an incredible softness.

The polyurethane coating has many advantages:

  • Comfort: The soft touch fabric is waterproof, micro-breathable and quiet.
  • Hygiene: The polyurethane coating forms an anti-mite and anti-mildew barrier and prevents odor formation.
  • Durability: This process resists repeated washings.


  • Sizes: Large choice of sizes and hat size
  • Composition: 100% cotton with polyurethane coating or 100% cotton
  • Machine washable at 95°C
  • Cleaning with chlorine: Not allowed
  • Drying in machine: Allowed
  • Ironing: Not allowed
  • Dry cleaning: Not allowed

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