hotellerie restauration

Advantages Curtain making

Made to measure

Many finishes are possible

Installation and adjustments by our internal teams

The importance of curtains is never stressed enough. They add the finishing touch to your decor. You can choose to create a muffled atmosphere, keep the heat in winter by thick fabric, revive a neutral wall …

The possibilities of combining colors and materials are almost infinite!

We can make many different confections:

  • With lining,
  • Single or double flamingo pleat head on a ruflette,
  • Single or double pleated head with Microflex,
  • 70 mm ruflette head,
  • Normal wave head or hidden wave head for separating curtains,
  • Eyelets, loops, velcro, etc.
  • Invisible seams,
  • Drapes, valances, etc.

The ALBA team is passionate about its work and our tailors are highly qualified to bring the necessary care to the development of your curtains. We are always looking for the best to bring you the product that suits you best. ALBA has a solution!


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