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Advantages Connected Fridge

Track activity remotely in real time

Increase sales on your site independently

Management of many means of payment : credit cards, employee badges, etc.

Increase sales on your site independently, and follow the activity remotely in real time: A smart, connected refrigerator with product management, inventory visualization and data feedback.

A connected digital canteen for your company restaurant

A fluid experience: A catering solution with few manipulations required for a good mea l!

  • Optimize your m2 : Let’s create together a physical and digital canteen without any work.
  • Save on energy : A smart refrigerator that costs 3 times less than a traditional canteen and is more ecological.
  • A simple solution to deploy : Quickly set up a refrigerator connected to your management tools.

A physical and digital canteen

Available at any time of the day and without the need for assistance from an operator, the connected fridge offers your dishes in complete autonomy.

You offer a new catering solution to your customers.

A quick and easy installation

Our partners’ fridges are easy to install and will make your establishment more dynamic without any specific work.

Innovorder’s teams support you in your project to install and configure the integration, and also provide training in operation.

Control all the activity of your connected fridge with Innovorder integration

The integration of Innovorder with the connected fridge allows you to offer your guests fresh food products on sale 24 hours a day, in a “home-like” consumption mode.

With the use of the electronic wallet, the integration takes into account the rules of management of admissions and subsidies for collective catering.

A connected refrigerator has a product identification system using RFID technology that allows you to capture all products in real time, thanks to a unique label for each product. Your inventories are made easier and your customers are satisfied.


A management technology for every need:

  • By camera weight : Weight sensors in the fridge for a better stock management with the NU fridge!
  • RFID technology : A unique label for each product in the fridge to recognize consumption with the OpenIT fridge.

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