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Advantages WePlanet comfort comforter & pillow 100% recycled

Reduced environmental impact

Quality/price ratio

GRS labelled material

The material used to make these pillows and comforters is GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified.

The Comfort comforters and pillows are made in Europe from 100% recycled polyester.

Did you know that?

  • We consume 5 times less CO2 to manufacture and transport a 100% recycled polyester Comfort comforter vs. 100% polyester*.
  • These products fit perfectly into our WePlanet program since they reduce our environmental impact.

*Example given for a 140×200 comforter

What is the WePlanet program?

WePlanet, a program created by Subrenat, consists in reinventing the codes of the textile industry to reconcile textile and ecology.

We would be happy to get you on our program, by sharing with us your criticisms, ideas and expectations, in order to act hand in hand for the Planet.


  • 100% recycled polyester (shell & lining)
  • 100% white
  • 100% comfort


Comforter 140x200 : 17.70€ HT - pillow : 7.97€ HT


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