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Advantages Dauti Cartaxo Unisex denim chef coat


Modern design

Durable : The high quality of the fabric guarantees a long life

Dauti Cartaxo Unisex denim chef coat has a modern design with contrasts and tightens with hidden springs.

It is very comfortable, it has a male on the back to allow greater mobility.


Unisex Coats / Tunics in Denim:

  •  Short sleeve with fold and loop;
  •  Sleeve pretzel in contrast to be tightened with a pressure spring;
  •  Contrasting collar;
  •  Side fittings in mesh;
  •  Chest pocket, left side of the garment;
  •  Contrast stitching and details;
  •  Male on the back;
  •  Clip on the collar (back);
  •  Tightens with hidden springs;


59,53 €


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