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Advantages Digital Signage

Increase additional sales

Easy to Administer Cloud Service

Tool for collaborating with other businesses

Share information and increase additional sales via Digital Signage. Set up signs in public spaces or in room TVs to display clear messages, market your brand, and inform about promotions.

Digital Signage for Conference Hotels

Our Conference Guide Digital Signage system acts as a guide for conference participants. Monitors located at reception, outside conference rooms and at other strategic locations tell participants which venue they should go to and how to get there.

Easy-to-Administer Cloud Service

Conference Guide is supplied as a cloud service, so you don’t need a local server with administration tools installed. Instead, you can easily update your content online. It provides an overview of all conference rooms and all screens are updated simultaneously when you add new information. When no conferences are being held, you can use the screens to display other information.

Info Channel for Hotel Information and Offers

Our Info Channel works like your hotel’s own TV channel and can be shown on TVs or Digital Signage screens in your lobby, restaurant and other areas. Info Channel lets you increase your hotel’s additional sales by informing your guests about opening hours at the restaurant and spa, your restaurant menu, room service and weekend offers.

It is also a good tool for collaborating with other businesses as you can offer them advertising space on your Info Channel.

Display Videos, Images and Text

Info Channel is a cloud service, so no local server with administration tools installed is required. Instead, you update your content online. It supports several different formats and can show films, images, text and more.


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