hotellerie restauration

Advantages Digital welcome booklet

Integration of local information bases such as the Tourist Office

Digital signage on a big screen or interactive kiosk

International support in 10 languages

The digital welcome booklet allows you to create a stronger link with your customers through an accessible and efficient e-Concierge service. This innovative service improves the customer experience by providing direct access to all the information and services needed for the stay on an intuitive, contextual and multilingual interface.

Customers can access the property’s logistical information and all nearby recommendations from any device, without an account or application, even offline.

Unlike paper, you can manage the content of your welcome booklet and monitor its usage in real time. e-Concierge features facilitate customer interaction, such as instant messaging, express check-in, online ordering and satisfaction surveys. Useful information is updated automatically and can also be displayed on a dynamic display.


  • Send all useful information to the customer’s Smartphone,
  • Access on all devices with no account or application, even offline,
  • e-Concierge: pre-stay, check-in, inventory, orders, notifications, satisfaction survey…
  • Commission-free online payment for all customer transactions,
  • Integration of local information bases such as the Tourist Office,
  • Digital signage on a big screen or interactive kiosk,
  • Marketing data collection and analysis,
  • Adaptation of content to the customer’s situation,
  • International support in 10 languages,
  • Customisation and updates online in real time.

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