hotellerie restauration

Advantages DirectKey™ System

Easy and economical

Solution for car park & lift

Remote touch free unlocking, convenient opening distance

Onity is proudly working with hotel chains to provide guests with contactless check-in and property access with their DirectKey™ mobile key solution.

DirectKey is built on a proven key credentialing platform that has been deployed across a base of four million Bluetooth locking devices in multiple industries.

With over 800,000 rooms world-wide using the Onity DirectKey system, our platform can help your facility preserve social distance guidelines and provide contactless interactions for your guests.

DirectKey has been used for more than 100 million room entries at over 5,000 hotels worldwide.


  • QuickConnect function: opening times reduce considerably as the framework can optionally connect and authenticate to DirectKey modules before any user interaction, while the mobile app scans.
  • Fast opening times also without using the QuickConnect function (< 2” depending on the mobile phone operation system and hardware).
  • In-room integration capacity, communication with RMS / EMS (room / energy management systems), TV, etc.

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