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Advantages Automatic Pizza Dispenser - Kiosk T

A remote assistance service available 7 days a week

Reliable, autonomous and secure automatic points of sale, customized for each brand

An online sales system via a personalized mobile application + Remote control of vending

Customize and set up your pizza kiosk.

ADIAL offers you a kiosk with a traditional facade, a customizable sales area (covering), with a facade reminiscent with modernity of a traditional oven and its bricks.

The personalization of the kiosk allows to reinforce the artisanal image with the consumers in particular with its 100% tactile interface (32 inches).


  • Number of places and choices: 70 pizzas
  • Dimension on the ground : 2,15m x 2,15m
  • Dimension with the decoration on top : 3,45m x 2,15m
  • Overall height : 3,35m
  • Canopy to shelter the consumers
  • Average power consumption : 1 kW/h
  • Maximum power consumption : 3800 Watt (Single or three phase + neutral)
  • Electric forced air oven – adjustable temperature + 3 levels of protection

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