hotellerie restauration

Advantages Dough container

Flat bottom with no retention area

The design of the bins has been redesigned to be more practical

Stackable with and without lid (lid available as an option)

600 x 400 dough storage container. Stacking with and without lid, maximum stacking height capacity.

Innovative design for even greater convenience :

  • Rounded corners and bottom for easy cleaning.- Vertical sides without inner edge avoids marking the dough. The entire surface of the container is usable.
  • Completely flat bottom means dough detaches easily, no loss, no food deposit left.
  • Optimised side reinforcements allows you to customise containers with your logo.
  • Rounded outside corners guarantee a damage-free working environment.


  • Height : 55 mm
  • Width : 400 mm
  • Length : 600 mm
  • Capacity : 9 L
  • Colour : White
  • Product bottom internal length : 555 mm
  • Product bottom internal width : 355 mm
  • Product bottom internal height : 50 mm
  • Weight : 1.120 kg

Materials : HDPE


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