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Advantages DPLANET

Plastic free

Water free

Preservatives free

A soft, gentle revolution with the kind shape of a drop and the value of a whole planet. The greenest creation by Allegrini becomes the most powerful recipe. Purifying body and nature in order to Do not disturb the planet.

DPlanet is a unique plastic-free cosmetic line that lives in harmony with humankind and environment.

Thanks to the highly sustainable formulas, the precious solid bars are designed to be eco-friendly solutions for a plastic-free future.

Its unique ingredients make this eco-creation totally plastic-free, water-free and preservatives-free. Combining the brightest blends’ experience in an ethic, vegan, skin-tested product with natural ingredients and oils, wrapped in a recyclable paper. Customized ingredients and fragrances to be chosen.

Branded pleasures left on the customers’ skin for giving an embracing memory. Allegrini’s lab will make every desire come true in unforgettable formulas. The eco-friendly formulas will be hold with care in a personalized and sustainable packaging made of recyclable materials.

An innovative project, which tells the emotion of oils and vegetable ingredients, to follow the new wave of eco-wellness.


  • With natural source ingredients,
  • Dermatologically tested,
  • Silicones-free,
  • Higher washing power,
  • With vegetable oils,
  • With recyclable paper,
  • Cruelty-free,
  • Vegan.

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