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Advantages Dream Universe HM spring mattress H25 cm

Innovative because REVERSIBLE : soft or invigorating welcome to choose from

The best quality / price ratio in springs

25 cm of rarely equaled comfort

The Bonnell Dream spring mattress signed HOTEL MEGASTORE offers tremendous sleeping comfort because it features the best technologies on the market, 25 cm thick and a much appreciated innovation : one of its strengths is its reversibility because it has two sides of beds to choose from. Its reception can be soft on one side with a HR 35 kg / m3 foam of 40 mm or, on the contrary, more tonic with on the other side an HR foam 35 kg / m3 of 20 mm.

Enough to allow your teams to personalize the comfort of your beds and to give a very positive image of your establishment when booking, taking care to ask what type of mattress your customers prefer. An advantage to highlight on your website. Lightweight, it is easy to return if the previous customer had made another choice of comfort.

In addition, the 18 cm Bonnell biconical springs represent the traditional spring system par excellence. Made of steel wire and assembled with a spiral, also in steel, they have a special anti-deformation treatment to guarantee good rigidity and perfect resistance of the mattress. Finally, the 100% stretch polyester ticking also offers great ergonomics. Like all professional mattresses made by HOTEL MEGASTORE, this mattress has a perimeter fairing in very high density foam so that it does not sag when customers sit down to tie their shoes.

The double mattress with slide-out kit is also the ideal solution to optimize your occupancy rate : it allows you to quickly convert a room with two single beds into a double room or vice versa, while keeping your guests comfortable.

The Dream Universe HM spring mattress complies with standards NF / EN597-1 and -2 of non-ignitability with cigarettes and matches.
It is also treated against dust mites and bacteria for unparalleled comfort.

Double mattress option with zip closure on request.


  • Mattress thickness : 25 cm
  • Type of mattress support : Firm
  • Dimensions : 80 x 190 cm
  • Anti-bacterial treatment for mattress : Yes
  • Technology : bonnell springs 18 cm + hr foam 35kg / m3 2 x 25 mm
  • With connection kit between two mattresses : No
  • Reception : Soft or firm
  • Reversible : Yes
  • Number of handles : 4
  • Anti-dust mite treatment for mattress : Yes

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