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Advantages Drinkpad

Modern and elegant design

UV disinfection system ToBeSure

High cold water production

The Drinkpad is a premium water cooler for connection to the water system.

Compact, this water cooler stands out with its modern and elegant design, its touch-sensitive keyboard and its UV disinfection system ToBeSure ®, which guarantees the quality of the water.

It can dispense 4 different types of water (cold water, tempered water, sparkling water, hot water) and is equipped with many technical indicators that facilitate the installation and maintenance of the fountain.

This fountain is designed for tertiary spaces, offices, administrations, .. That wish to offer their employees or visitors a fountain that combines technical comfort and visual refinement.

First of all, its control indicators enable to alert users when a maintenance operation is necessary, whether it is :

  • A leak in the water circuit.
  • The replacement of the ToBeSure® UV disinfection system.
  • An overflow of the drip tray or the collection can.
  • The replacement of the filter.
  • The replacement of the CO2 cartridge.
  • The need for external intervention (qualified technicians).

In addition to these indicators, this Premium water dispenser includes a Watersafe® antileak system and must be installed with a ToBeSure® disinfection system.

Specially developed for water coolers, the ToBeSure® UV disinfection system guarantee total control of water quality.

Moreover, the design fountain Drinkpad includes an ice bank cooling technology. This system ensures a larger cold water production.

Indeed, the cold coil is covered with a layer of ice before it’s immersed in a tank of iced water. This technology increases the water’s refrigeration capacity and, thus, produces a larger cold reserve.


  • 4 different types of water : cold water, tempered water, sparkling water, hot water,
  • Designed for tertiary spaces, offices, administrations, …
  • Includes a Watersafe® antileak system,
  • Includes an ice bank cooling technology.



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