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Advantages DRNX

Technology: Extracts nitrogen from the air

Increased Profiltability: Average of 50%

Plug & Play in two minutes

Nitro Technology

What is nitro technology? Nitrogen is an inert gas that makes up almost 80% of the atmosphere we breathe. The machines capture nitrogen from the ambient air thanks to the BROOD membrane, it then isolates it from other gases (mainly oxygen) and compresses it to restore it in the drinks served. It is important to add that this process is 100% natural.


The fusion between nitrogen and liquid brings an impressive creaminess and enhances the natural taste of your drink. Much like aerating wine, infusing beverages with nitrogen enhances flavor profiles and can bring out interesting and subtle nuances in various ingredients. It is a unique flavor enhancer.


BROOD machines are modular in design and are made of the highest quality food industry compliant materials, making them machines that can perform flawlessly for decades. The replacement of each element is very simple and quick to perform. The shell of BROOD machines are 100% stainless steel and the pipes are 100% copper.



  • Function: cold nitro & still nitro
  • Power supply: 220v
  • Amps: 1.8 a
  • Size (l/h/p): 25 / 37,50 / 46,50 cm
  • Weight: 33 kg
  • Dispensing capacity: 62l/hour
  • Temperature at tap: 2 degrees celsius
  • Optional accessories: bag in box adaptor
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Pressure at tap: 34 psi


3000 euros


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