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Advantages Dry Ager - Dry-aging fridge

Plug and play and excellent value for money.

Functional and efficient

Attractive Dry Ager

The Dry Ager cellars have been designed to enhance your meats, to mature your cold cuts or to preserve your cheeses in an ideal way.

Attractive and functional, these maturing cellars made in Germany are equipped with the latest technology in terms of temperature, humidity and sterilisation for optimal maturing.

They are the first cellars in the world to combine an active carbon filter with an active UVC disinfection system, which sterilises all the air in the cabinet every minute. Germs and bacteria do not stand a chance here.

In a Dry Ager cellar, the weight loss of the matured meat is surprisingly low! Beef only loses about 7-8% after 4 weeks and only 12% after 6 weeks.

These pre-programmed, ready-to-plug Dry Ager cellars can be installed in your restaurant, butcher’s shop or supermarket department without the need for a water supply.


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