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Advantages Dyson purifier humidify+cool autoreact

Hassle-free Deep clean cycle

Fully sealed to HEPA H13 standard

Purifies by removing 99.95% of ultrafine partcivle

Powerful circulation to purify and humidify the whole room

Dyson purifier humidify+cool autoreact : purifiers draw pollutants, such as pollen, dust, allergens and smoke, from every corner of the room and Air Multiplier’ technology projects purified, humidified air throughout the room.

Dyson purifier humidifiers are tested beyond the industry standard

We test our purifier humidifiers in a room size of 81 m3, with nine sensors that continuously measure air quality. Some other manufacturers use a small 28.5m3 chamber, with only one sensor and a fan to boost circulation.

Senses and reports, automatically

Three sensors constantly monitor your air. Our unique algorithm diagnoses pollutants at a molecular level -reading to purify and humidify before displaying live air quality in real-time reports.

Captures pollutants with advanced HEPA filtration

A carbon filter neutralises gases such as benzene and HEPA H13 filter captures 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns.

Only a Dyson is fully sealed to HEPA H1 3 standard

To prevent pollutants leaking back into the air, it’s not just the filter that’s sealed to HEPA H13 standard, it’s the whole purifier humidifier.’ So what goes inside, stays inside.


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