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Advantages Eco Design bottle Zennao®

Recycled and recyclable bottle with innovative magnetic anti-theft holder

Easy product level control and ultra-fast replacement

Modern and qualitative aesthetics

This brand new bottle with a sleek design has been designed to combine maximum practicality and minimum environmental footprint.

In anticipation of the European directive which will impose, from 2025, the use of 30% recycled plastic, our bottle is made from 100% recycled and recyclable *RPET, so that you can take part in an active environmental approach that reduces 70% carbon emissions and preserves natural resources.

By offering a volume of 400ml, which is 30% more than the standard 300ml bottles, you reduce the frequency of replacement.
The semi-transparent color subtly dresses the bottle while allowing maintenance personnel to control the level of remaining product and anticipate replacement as accurately as possible, in a “zero waste” approach.

The refined decoration of the bottles is achieved by screen printing rather than labeling, ensuring a durable premium look while facilitating recycling.

The brand new pump fitted to these bottles gradually delivers the ideal quantity of product to the customer: generously, without waste.
The bottles are delivered with their pumps locked in the neutral position and packaged in separators which protect the screen printing, for transport and storage without any unpleasant surprises.

The combination with our ingenious MAGNETIC anti-theft wall mount guarantees total peace of mind. Non-refillable, the bottles will reassure your customers.

A simple and effective way to take part in the circular economy. And to support you in your eco-responsible approach, we offer our ECO-DESIGN bottles at a price that is also measured and responsible.

* excluding pump and dye
** RPET = recycled PET; PET = Polyethylene terephthalate


  • Capacity (ml) : 400
  • Use : 3 in 1, hair, body and hands
  • Fragrance : Ginseng
  • Ecolabel : No
  • Individual packaging type : Bottle
  • Ecocert Cosmos Natural : No
  • Icea Eco Bio Cosmetics : No


3.014 € HT


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