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Advantages FOLIO - Outdoor Chair

The back can be reclined

Patented mini manual under-arm mechanism

Two polypropylene glides that can be attached to the seat

Relaxing embrace

Folio is the stylish and embracing armchair by Nardi for relaxing outdoors. Made of fiberglass resin, it comes with a fixed base or in a romantic rocking version. With its sumptuous and enveloping back seamlessly connected to the generously lowered seat, Folio is like a single, refined structural embrace. It can recline into two relaxing positions.

Harmonious and ergonomic 

Folio’s large structure is made of a sheet (“foglio” in Italian, from which it gets its name) in perforated resin with a square pattern. It has a skilfully curved design to perfectly balance the rigidity and elasticity of the seat and back.

The mobility of Folio has been designed without any interruption in shape, avoiding the use of connecting or rotating elements while maintaining the most clear-cut lines. With a simple and user-friendly mechanism, the back can be reclined extremely easily and gently without any forced or jerky movements. Cutting-edge technical solutions have been designed for hollow armrests that conceal a patented mini manual under-arm mechanism, which activates the sliding of tie rods to allow two-position adjustment.

Carefully designed padded elements and colour choice

The soft internal cushion embraces the entire structure, perfectly adhering to it thanks to double fastening with wide and practical straps. Folio’s customisable and washable cushions     are available in 4 fabrics, with charming nuances, dedicated to outdoor spaces.

The Folio collection also includes a relaxing Poggio footrest/stool, also made of matt fiberglass resin, which has the same perforated square pattern as the armchair and optional soft, close-fitting padding.

Designing and testing

Designed by Raffaello Galiotto, Folio is the result of a long process of designing and testing. Only thanks to the company’s know-how, which successfully exploits the flexibility and elasticity of resin, was it possible to design an extremely innovative, high-performance and stylish chair.

Folio is exceptionally easy to sanitize, weatherproof, stackable and entirely recyclable.


An integral aspect of Nardi’s philosophy, which is part of the extensive “Regeneration” industrial project to recycle used plastic withdrawn from the market, involves working towards making production processes increasingly sustainable. Nardi makes long-lasting products, uses completely recyclable polypropylene, enhances all its products with unique and recognisable design and an entirely “Made in Italy” supply chain.


  • Backrest height in cm : 113-106,5
  • Seat height in cm : 45
  • Width in cm : 72
  • Depth in cm : 81-92,5
  • Product weight : 8,2 kg

Materials : Fiberglass polypropylene resins

Designer : Raffaello Galiotto


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