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Advantages Grey animal skin plaid

A incredibly soft touch

Soft plaids in different sizes

The ideal accessory to revive the decor

The grey animal skin plaid, from the brand Plaids Cocooning, is made from a synthetic material, no animal has given of its person for this pretty plaid to see the day.

A softness never seen before!

The plaid effect Peau de Bête Gris in double thickness, offers a softness as you have never seen elsewhere.

But its incredibly soft touch is not its only strong point! It is also the ideal accessory to revive the decor of a wild side and give cachet to the interior.

This gray faux fur offers you an aesthetic storage option with its synthetic leather straps.

Best seller of the brand Plaids Cocooning, this model is available in large size – 220 × 240 cm, an ideal size in bed cover or plaid mega chill, but also in 150 x 200 cm.

The large version of the faux fur comes in a suitcase with a handle that is ideal for storage.

A product of the brand Plaids Cocooning

Plaids Cocooning is located in the heart of Roubaix, a symbolic place with a strong history of the once flourishing textile industry.

The brand offers soft plaids in different sizes and materials: fleece, linen, cotton, wool, combining softness and aesthetics.

And to accompany its customers throughout the year, it offers 3 collections: winter collection, summer collection and French collection.


  • Available in : 150 x 200 cm
  • And available in : 220×240 cm (New in 2020)

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