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Advantages Guest satisfaction

Precise pre-welcome survey = 6 times more sales

Make your guests' life easier and analyse your hotel

Prevent bad comments

From their first reservation until they turn into loyal guests, support your guests at every stage.

Improve your Guest experience before, during and after their stay.

  • Before their stay : Prepare for the arrival of your guest and get to know them

Booking confirmation

Get in direct contact with your guests from day one (OTA or not).

Pre-stay form

Send a welcome email with a survey to your guest several days before they arrive. You can anticipate their needs and give them a personalized experience.

Less services offered = 6 times more sales

Our pre-welcome survey analyses the profiles of each of your guests so they are only offered services suited to their needs. Why suggest a romantic dinner for two to a solo customer who is on a business trip ?

  • During their stay : Make your guests’ life easier and analyse your hotel

Pre check-in and Remote check-in App

Your guests have the option of speeding up their reception time. They can pre-check in online, fill out their form on a tablet at reception, or register remotely, directly from their smartphone to ensure social distancing.

Prevent bad comments

30 to 40% of people do not by nature tend to communicate when they have a problem. Take the lead by automatically sending a quality control email during your guests’ stay.

In-depth analysis of guest satisfaction

Discover what they think :

  • Business travellers or tourists ;
  • Couples or solo travellers ;
  • The occupants of rooms 33, 54 and 56 and the quality of the Wi-Fi ;
  • The English on your breakfast menu ;

Over thirty typical guest profiles help you find exactly what you should improve in your hotel.

  • After their stay : Build guest loyalty with ease

Over 5000 events & email scenarios

Our CRM examines each guest profile and plans campaigns tailored specifically to each :

  • Sent automatically with no action needed from you,
  • In total compliance with the GDPR,
  • Optimised to improve your guest relations,
  • Unlimited possibilities. Create your own automated campaigns !

Example : Happy birthday !

This date is an opportunity to connect with your old guests, but it’s unmanageable manually. Like a certain number of other events, Experience Hotel CRM handles this automatically.

Another example of an automated scenario

12 months after your guest last stayed, we send them a mail to remind them of the good time they had with you.

Bonus for your loyal guests

Depending on the number of times they stayed at your Hotel, our CRM calculates a personalised Bonus and automatically inserts it in each of your emails to them. Of course, those are ONLY available on your website.


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