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Advantages Hydrogeste éco+

High capacity

Bollard is customisable

It delivers the necessary dose for optimal hand disinfection

Hydrogeste Eco+ is a contactless, economical and 100% mechanical hydroalcoholic gel dispenser.

This dispenser works by foot pressure and delivers the necessary dose for an optimal hand disinfection. Hydrogeste Eco+ provides hydroalcoholic gel for up to 1600 uses, its autonomy is spread over a long period of time and allows you to save on the purchase of hydroalcoholic gel. The Hydrogeste Eco+ differs from the Hydrogeste Eco by its large capacity, in fact it is equipped with a 5 litre canister of hydroalcoholic gel, which allows for a greater autonomy between two refills.

The Eco+ is simple to use and easy to refill. It can be used in any place where there is a lot of traffic and where barrier measures need to be reinforced. Protecting employees, customers and users is a priority and the Eco+ gel dispenser meets this need.

This bollard is fully customisable, it is possible to add a specific colour or a logo in order to brand and communicate through this bollard. This makes it possible to obtain a bollard with your colours and which conveys your message.

This kiosk has a high capacity, disinfectant use for public places and an optimal quality/price ratio.

The Hydrogeste Eco+ can be delivered within 2 weeks in order to respond to the urgency of certain situations.


  • Dimensions : (w) 200 mm x (h) 1105 mm x (d) 200 mm.
  • Colours : Customised according to the ral colour chart.
  • Available in versions : Non-touch, indoor.

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