hotellerie restauration

Advantages Implementation of self-service

Adapted for people with disabilities

Made of stainless steel

Custom-made product

A self-service restaurant must respond precisely to the constraints of a room and to the objective of optimal circulation of the users or staff. Its implementation should not be taken lightly. This is why ARCOMETAL’s design office works in direct contact with all the people involved in a project.

Custom-made products to meet all needs

In order to meet all the needs of its customers and all the constraints of the premises, ARCOMETAL offers custom-made food distribution furniture made of stainless steel, heated, refrigerated or neutral :


  • Refrigerated buffet & salad bar,
  • Heated buffet display case, neutral buffet,
  • Refrigerated display case with air curtain,
  • Bar, counter,
  • Take-away kiosk, fast food,
  • Fish bench, scaling bench.

A project from A to Z

Whatever the project taken in charge by ARCOMETAL, the teams are involved during all the stages of its realization.

The sales department does not only sell a product. It intervenes to advise and define precisely the customer’s needs and propose solutions.

The integrated design office works directly with all the actors of a project to ensure that it is perfectly successful.

The manufacturing workshop is organized into technical production units. Each person is responsible and has a large work area. Experience and versatility can be expressed !

ARCOMÉTAL installs its equipment and also works in partnership with installers and refrigeration specialists, which allows us to have a flawless after-sales service.


  • Each piece of furniture is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 L (18/10) or 316 L (17/12) for a special manufacture (shipyard, chemical).
  • The tops and tanks with radiused angles are made of polished stainless steel, soundproofed on the underside, with rounded edges on the customer’s side.
  • The frames are made of stainless steel tube mounted on adjustable bases, 150 mm high.
  • The cladding and fronts on the service side are made of polished stainless steel, thickness 12/10°.
  • The front panels on the customer’s side are made of various materials, according to the customer’s request.
  • All the heating devices are regulated either by electronic controller with digital temperature display or by mechanical thermostat.
  • The display units on neutral, refrigerated or hot furniture are on stainless steel tube frames, as well as all
  • The visible structures of the display shelves – radiated bases.
  • The shelves are refrigerated, neutral stainless steel or in 8 mm thick safety glass, equipped with breath guards.
  • The shelves in curved glass are 6 mm thick.
  • Lighting on the underside.
  • Each refrigerated cabinet is equipped with a ventilated evaporator, expansion valve and air-cooled compressor.
  • Condensate collection tray, with evaporation system for mobile units (optional).
  • 50 mm thick CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation for refrigerated units and 40 mm thick insulation for hot units.
  • Each stainless steel tray ramp is made up of three linear elements in round tube ø 30 mm and positioned at a height of 800 mm in compliance with the standard for disabled persons.

Materials : Stainless steel


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