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Elegant, practical, quick and respectful

Efficient, cost-effective, controllable

Enhances customer experience and increases your margins

In the restaurant and hotel sector, service by the glass accounts for up to 50% of wine sales. Wine is one of the beverages that contributes most to the profit margin.

Invineo has therefore designed a simple, efficient and modern solution that meets the needs of hospitality professionals: improved customer experience, ease and speed, increased turnover and margin, reduced waste, optimised inventory, access to sales figures, remote control and maintenance, reduced carbon footprint.

A smart & connected dispenser

First of all, you have an intelligent and connected wine dispenser, ultra simple to use :

  • Automatic recognition of wines,
  • Temperature management,
  • Protection against oxidation,
  • 3 levels of service quantity to choose from,
  • Display of quantities & prices,
  • Self-service access or by wine-pass.

The Invineo dispenser is connected (Internet, wifi or 2G) :

  • Continuous management and maintenance,
  • Control and recording of each service,
  • Permanent access to sales figures and statistics.

A secured, connected & reusable bottle made of recyclable materials

The wines selected and proposed by Invineo are presented in revolutionary tubes with a “Magnum” format of 2 litres.

No more glass. Invineo tubes are light, reusable and recyclable. They are returnable, delivered and taken back according to your needs. Each tube has a unique and secure digital identifier.

Invineo means 75% less weight and a 75% reduction in carbon footprint compared to serving by the bottle.

A list of classic and prestige wines

In order to respond to each customer and to create the most appropriate offer for each establishment, two wine list are offered : Classic wines (selling price by the glass between €4.50 and €8.00 including tax) and Prestige wines (selling price by the glass between €6.00 and €12.00 including tax).

Our wines are carefully selected from independent producers to meet the demand for by-the-glass service. Grape varieties, regions, countries, culture (organic) are present on our list and ensure a perfect qualitative choice.

Advantages of the Invineo solution

Hotels, Restaurants, B&B, Lounge, Bars… Invineo is your ideal solution for wine-by-the-glass, perfectly served

  • Practical, fast and respectful : Invineo simplifies and revolutionizes wine by the glass.
  • Full service : increases the comfort of your staff and the satisfaction of your customers.
  • Efficient, profitable, controllable : save time, reduce waste, control quantities.


  • Quick, smart and efficient,
  • Extremly easy to use,
  • Fast and precise service(5’/glass),
  • Automatic wine recognition,
  • Individual temperature control,
  • Three different quantities (adjustable),
  • Display of sales prices,
  • Automatic insertion and ejection,
  • Self-service and prepayment options.



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