hotellerie restauration

Advantages JOY

100% recycled fibres

European fire rating of B, S1-D0

Water-soluble inks without heavy metals

with Joy, Omexco pushes its boundaries of sustainability. We hope to inspire by our vibrant creativity, to dazzle with our bold graphics and to bring a sense the joy to the interior of our customers. We want to answer to a deep desire for exuberance with this very contemporary collection.

Printed on 100% recycled fibres, reflecting our long tradition of sustainable sourcing of materials, the joy collection goes even further in our ecological aspirations.

The collection is steeped in environmental consciousness.

Designed to inspire. Daring to delight.


  • We want to push the boundaries of sustainability. Together with our supplier, we developed a brand-new printing base made of 100% recycled fibres: cellulose and PET fibres coming from recycled water bottles.

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