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Advantages KOMODO

The system allows for countless configurations

Inspired by the rounded, joined shape of tree branches

Maximum customisation for cushions as well

Modular seat system inspired by nature

Komodo is a modular system of upholstered seats in resin and fiberglass for outdoor use, offering great composition flexibility. It can be configured as desired depending on space, taste and needs.

The system allows for countless configurations, from the most classic to the most original and creative, with no limits to the number of seats and with design solutions that can be changed and/or added to in time.

Komodo modular system is inspired by the rounded, joined shape of tree branches, and is designed as a stable lattice frame to which backrests and cushions can be attached on all sides. Nature inspires also the innovative attachment system between backrest and seat, which occurs simply by rotation (patented system); in this way there are no visible joints or holes, preserving and extending the woven horizontal design of the seat to the vertical backrest.

Maximum customisation for cushions as well

Composition customisation applies to cushions as well, which can be attached to the lattice frame with a simple, intuitive click system. They are available in a range of colours and fabrics.

The quick attachment system allows for quick positioning and removal of cushions.

Minimum packing volume

The seat modules can be stacked with minimum packing volume, not only for reducing transportation costs, but also for convenient storage by the user. For example, the 5-seat model (Komodo 5) with cushions and frames can be stored in just two boxes.

Komodo is available in 3 colours (white, charcoal grey, dove grey) with a range of upholstery types and colours. It is available as a 5-seat (Komodo 5) version or in many others, which are fully customisable: anyone can order different combinations (starting with a pouffe) depending on space, taste and needs.


  • Backrest height in cm : 88
  • Seat height : 47,5
  • Width in cm : 294
  • Depth in cm : 78/154
  • Product weight : 61 kg

Materials : Polypropylene fiberglass, Fabric (cushions)

Designer : Raffaello Galiotto


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