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Advantages LEO2

Easy to use

High quality and robust

Optimize your business

LEO2: helping businesses for 20 years

Welcome to LEO2, POS software that can be tailored to any retail business.
Restaurant, cafeteria, bakery, flower shop, hair salon, day spa, neighbourhood grocery… Our business is your business. Specialized in POS system and business management software, LEO2 software was created in 2006. Easy, intuitive and efficient POS management: LEO2 quickly became a best seller. Today, more than 27 000 businesses are running more smoothly thanks to LEO2.

What about you ?
According to our users, LEO2 beats the competition:

  • Easier to use (edit a menu, change a price)
  • Faster check-out
  • Wide range of features that can be tailored to customers’ needs,
  • Reliability (sturdy when the rush is on)
  • Fast upgrades and fully customisable (reactive, intuitive, dynamic, a true partner)
  • A dedicated support staff that listens, is available and solves issues quickly.

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