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Advantages Medialog Hotel

A sure value at the forefront of innovation

A Hybrid PMS built for greater autonomy

An unlimited Marketplace that enriches your PMS

The PMS Medialog hotel is an innovative proven system that adapts to the needs of your establishment, it facilitates and optimizes your entire hotel management. Its hybrid Cloud & local architecture ensures flexibility, performance and digital security for your business.

This unprecedented technology guarantees uninterrupted operation of the PMS, regardless of the quality of your IT environment, permanent access in the event of an Internet network disruption or failure of your local server.

The time-tested maturity of this product, used by tens of thousands of users, insures you greater richness, ease of use and robustness.


  • Acquire reservation data,
  • Secure and make available your data in real time,
  • Restore information with clear screens.

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