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Advantages Nordic garden table 220 cm

Easy maintenance

Resistance to scratches

UV and weather resistant

As soon as the sun comes, you want to enjoy your outdoors with friends or family. To do this, you need a dining garden dinner to bring all these little people around good little dishes.

The Nordic outdoor resin table is an ideal garden table due to the shape of its straight feet which leaves a generous space for the location of the legs of your guests all around without feeling discomfort, and, due to its ease of ‘interview.

Its decor directly integrated into the resin of the tray, allows it to have an increased resistance to scratches and is cleaned by a simple wet sponge.

A plus for this outdoor table, an extension of 55 cm which offers an extension that can enlarge your table from 165 to 220 cm.


  • Resin
  • Right feet
  • Weight : 20.10 kg
  • Central hole cover
  • 55 cm removable extension
  • Decor film embedded in the tray
  • With adjustment pad to stabilize the table
  • A central hole for the location of the parasol
  • Easy maintenance : a simple damp sponge is enough
  • Dimensions : L90 cm x W 165/220 cm cm x H 72 cm

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