hotellerie restauration

Advantages Operation of an ADIAL PIZZADOOR machine

Robotic tray

Boxes are approved for baking

Cold room (3°C) can keep up to 70 pizzas for 72 hours

From the pizza maker to the consumer

  • The pizzas, pre-cooked, are placed in the dispenser. The cold room (3°C) can keep up to 70 pizzas for 72 hours.
  • The computer manages the stock of pizzas in the cold room, their use-by date and the cooking process.
  • The robotic tray extracts the selected pizza and positions it in front of the oven.
  • The mechanism lifts the lid, puts the pizza in the oven with its box and then lifts the pizza out of the box (the boxes are approved for baking).
  • The convection oven heats the dough and bakes the topping in 2 minutes. Each pizza can have different baking parameters.
  • Once cooked, the pizza is placed back in its box and the lid is folded down. It is then served to the consumer.

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