hotellerie restauration

Advantages Payment dedicated to the hospitality sector

Debit & credit card, Alipay, Sofort, tourism dedicated means of payment, Paypal, ...

Currencies and multilingual management

Multi sale channels

1/ Omnichannel : e-commerce, call center, email/text messages, WhatsApp…

Choose which channels you want with an all-in-one solution. Its flexibility enables you to interconnect it with your specific tools, a customer or a staff oriented mobile app, NFC wristband…

In addition, it can be used manually or for sending payment links directly to your customer.

2/ Compliant with your business solution

Our payment solutions are linked to many tourism tools and softwares such as :

  • Property management system
  • Channel manager
  • Booking engine
  • Online ticketing service

3/ Adapted to your international customers’ needs

You will be able to offer the same easy payment experience to French and foreign customers. Lyra provides the most widely used in the world means of payment.

Moreover, payments can be made in your customer’s original currency or either thanks to a multicurrency account or the electronic dynamic currency conversion. A high level of convenience for visitors from all around the word !

4/ Extras that make a difference

Because we know your sector well, our solutions suit you best.

  • With or without an e-commerce website
  • Wide range of features: advance payment, imprint of the credit card, installment payment, cancellation, refund…
  • Choice of payment display (redirection, embedded payment form, iframe, mobile) and advanced customization
  • Seasonal offer
  • Highly secure environment (PCI DSS, PSD2, VISA,…)

5/ Manage your performance in real time

Lyra’s interface helps you to autonomously manage payment, customize your payment pages, send payment links by e-mail, text messages or WhatsApp and many other functionalities !

  • Intuitive dashboards to visualize at a glance your key datas
  • Transaction details in real time
  • Security: more than 120 criterias of control available
  • Daily reporting

6/ Easy to integrate

Our solutions offer different methods of integration :

  • + 40 free payment plugins for Open Sources CMS (Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce)
  • SDK mobile
  • APIs REST et Javascript for webservices and/or embedded payment on your website
  • Many samples of codes
  • All resources are available online
  • Technical support service located in France

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