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Advantages Scented fiber for vacuum cleaner

Direct manufacturer rates

A 100% French production

Olfactory consistency in housekeeping products

The Scentifibre scented fiber for vacuum cleaner is proposed from a pack of 6 bags of 350g (which represents minimum 40 doses per bag is a total of at least 240 doses)

It :

  • allows a diffusion of perfume in the air
  • is more than a classic vacuum cleaner air freshener, it also allows communication through perfume and an olfactory coherence in the floors if used in addition to other perfumed products such as diffusers
  • allows a 2 in 1 operation quickly integrated into the habits of the teams during the vacuuming (cleaning & odorization)
  • is compatible with all vacuum cleaners (with or without bag, water)
  • is available with different fragrances from our collection or with your own fragrance (exclusive fragrance creation possible or your current fragrance)

Easy to use : you just have to suck a dose of SCENTIFIBRE placed on the floor with your vacuum cleaner (using a measuring spoon provided). When the vacuum cleaner is turned on, the fragrance is diffused into the air. Your teams will repeat the operation each time the bag is changed or the dust container is cleaned.


  • a personalized manufacturing from 6 pieces with the same perfume
  • a collection of more than 2000 fragrances / or your own custom-made fragrance.
  • compatible with all types of vacuum cleaners (Numatic, Hyla, Nilfisk..)

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