hotellerie restauration

Advantages Slice of soya tikka

Ready to use after defrosting

Made from certified non-GMO soybeans

A 100% vegan alternative, rich in protein but low in fat

If all the first vegetal alternatives could prove disappointing for the consumer, they now compete with each other in terms of flavour and creativity! This is the case with these strips made from certified non-GMO soya beans.

Roasted or seasoned in a tikka style, they are a disconcerting reproduction – in the good sense of the word – of the taste and texture of chicken. 100% vegetable, rich in protein but low in fat, they are cooked and then frozen to be ready to use after defrosting. In short, these easy-to-use, innovative and trendy soy slices will allow restaurateurs to expand their plant-based offerings in no time!


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